Industry Fact Sheet

Facts About the Canadian Convenience Store Industry:

10 Million - The total number of customer visits to c-stores in Canada per day.

26,798 - The number of c-store retailers in Canada
10,849 - The number of convenience stores in metropolitan areas
10,130 - The number of convenience stores in rural areas
5,819 - The number of convenience stores in urban areas

17,694 - The total number of independent retailers in Canada
9,104 - The total number of chain retailers in Canada

The Economic Impact of C-stores (2015)

$51.7B - The total amount of convenience store sales in Canada

$26.6B - The total amount of c-store purchases from suppliers

$18.3B - Tax revenue collected for government by Canadian c-stores

230,465 - The total number of jobs created by Canadian convenience stores
120,592 - The number of full-time jobs
109,873 - The number of part-time jobs

$7.8B - The total sale of lottery products sold in Canadian convenience stores